Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Green Cat


A spectacular cat comes to life in the latest addition to our shaped wooden jigsaw puzzles range. 'Green Cat' offers a delightful challenge.



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This is not just a puzzle — it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

  • A shaped jigsaw puzzle with no straight edges, the edge of the puzzle follows the edge of the illustration.
  • Featuring shaped puzzle pieces, called whimsies, designed to match the theme of the image for an entertaining experience.
  • Irregular shaped puzzle pieces for added challenge, including dissected corners, straight pieces within the puzzle and non straight pieces around the outside.
  • All our puzzles are made using wood from sustainably managed forests. The box is also made with recycled materials and no plastic is used in our packaging process.
  • Precision laser cutting ensures intricate jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

Wooden Box - All of our puzzles come in a high quality wooden storage box.

King Size  - 41x30 cm (16.1x11.8 in) - 306 pcs - high complexity, assembly time 4-6 hours.